Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Why Not That?

There are a few tasks that are popular on other life lists that don’t appear on mine. Why you ask? I have my reasons. I’ve Already Done Them I was blessed with the… Continue reading

Why Surprise a Child with a Trip to Disney World?

I love everything Disney. The movies, the parks, the channel – there isn’t anything about Disney that I’m not interested in. In fact, the reason my college major is film is because Disney… Continue reading

Why Say “I Love You” In 50 Languages?

The most AMAZING thing about being human is that we are so diverse and yet no matter where you go, no matter who you talk to, there are certain values that always hold… Continue reading

Why Not Do A Blog?

We all have things we want to do while we’re alive. People we want to see. Places we want to go. Some people put their lists on paper. Some write down their accomplishments… Continue reading

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