Why Say “I Love You” In 50 Languages?

The most AMAZING thing about being human is that we are so diverse and yet no matter where you go, no matter who you talk to, there are certain values that always hold true.

"I love you" in Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish. 46 more to go...

My original idea was to learn be able to speak 2 other languages fluently. I realized though, that all I would end up with is English, Spanish, and French. Three European languages? Really?* But then I couldn’t really pinpoint what language I did want to  learn. So, I came up with this! Why I love you?** If you have to ask that, you are a cold, heartless troll and you don’t deserve any of my cupcakes.

Anyway, because I’m a sucker for the sentimental, I thought I’d give Google some free advertisement. I adore their “Search On” campaign and thought this was an appropriate addition to this post.

*I’ve been lamenting a lot recently just how Euro-centric my education was. I remember hating learning about the Boxer Rebellion in World History because I just couldn’t understand how we got there. One second we’re doing the Industrial Revolution and then, BAM, we’re in China? We don’t know anything about China! We have to cram the history of an entire people into one week? Ms. Cunningham, I don’t wanna do this!

**By the way, I know it’s “hello” and “I love you” on the list, but hello is pretty easy. I’m pretty sure that will come naturally.