Why Surprise a Child with a Trip to Disney World?

I love everything Disney. The movies, the parks, the channel – there isn’t anything about Disney that I’m not interested in. In fact, the reason my college major is film is because Disney made me fall in love with the magic that comes from escaping into another world. I love Disney.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever really feel like a “grown-up.” I’m 21 years old, but everyday I honestly still feel like a 9-year-old trying her best to act like an adult (sometimes more successfully than other times). But not at Disney World. At Disney World I can be my woman-child self. It’s really amazing to me how they do it there. The cast members and Imagineers have distilled and distributed Happiness®, making it seem like on Disney properties anything is possible. Too many people grow up and forget what that feels like. I would love to share that feeling with an age range I know will appreciate it.

Why Surprise?

I came across a video a few years ago of three kids being surprised with a trip to Disney World and, suffice it to say, they were less than thrilled. In their defense, their parents flat-out lied to them and told them they were going to see a relative they clearly hadn’t seen for some time and then gave them the ol’ bait-n-switch. Anyway, the YouTube related videos brought me to a happier sight: children reacting the way they should when told they are going to The Happiest Place on Earth™, with squeals of delight, convulsions of excitement, and tears of joy. Ever since I stumbled across that little slice of the interwebs, I’ve been addicted to viewing these videos. Who can look at them and not want to bring that kind of pure Happiness® to a little one’s face?

Happiness® is a registered trademark of the Walt Disney Company (2011).