Why Not That?

There are a few tasks that are popular on other life lists that don’t appear on mine. Why you ask? I have my reasons.

I’ve Already Done Them

I was blessed with the happy fortune of being born and raised in Washington, DC. That means I don’t have to put “go to the Smithsonian museums” on my list because we took that field trip about three times a year in elementary school. Same goes for the White House, the monuments and the Pentagon. By the way, if you haven’t been to the National Mall yet in your lifetime, though, I highly recommend it. I never do tire of it.

I have swum with dolphins. I have ridden on a train overnight, I have driven across the country, and I have been an extra in a film (Next Three Days, 2010; Russell Crowe’s awesome in person!). This past year in particular I marked off a lot of what would have been on my list: surfing, going to in drive-in theater, going on a cruise, buying stock, sitting in a sauna, and I even forgave someone I never thought I would.

It’s Like I’ve Been There

Some things I’ve heard so much about or done something so closely related that I couldn’t see much added benefit in actually doing it. It’s a little something I like to call the Casablanca Effect. You see, I am a film student and I have never seen Casablanca. Neither have I seen Gone With the Wind, Fight Club or Animal House. There are some films that are talked about so much that I honestly don’t think I would get anything more out of watching the film. I get the gist. I’m sure there’s a good chance you may disagree One Reader, but I don’t think I ever have to see the Grand Canyon. My brother just got back from Machu Picchu which I hear is awesome, but I lived it vicariously through him, so I’m good. I could go my entire life without participating in a food fight. Never done it, but I hear there is food being tossed around so…I get the gist.

I’m a Human Person

I didn’t write a fantasy list. I wrote a list of intentions. Nowhere in my intended career in film production is the opportunity likely to arise for me to “find a cure for cancer.” And yeah, I bet it would be cool, but do you think “spend a year on the moon” is a viable life task?

I’m Just Not Interested

In this category put “juggle with 3 balls” and “swim the English Channel” (things I would do someone challenged me to do so but not of my own desires) and “noodling,” “walking on hot coals,” and “tornado-chasing” (things I wouldn’t do if the opportunity was offering me a record deal because its just not an appealing thing to do). Then there are also things like “give birth” and “publish a book” that just aren’t in my personality and really aren’t goals of mine. Oh yeah, and “put a message in a bottle” people? Spoiler Alert: No one is going to find it.