Summer 2012 Bucket List

I’m seeing a lot of these, so allow me to jump on the bandwagon…hmmm, what do I want to do this summer?

Is summer ever complete until you go to the beach at least once?

I love cookouts. What is it about BBQ and booze that brings out the best in people?

I planted oregano and basil yesterday. We’ll see…

Nothing better on a hot day. Well, maybe water. And air-conditioning.

Oh, I’m pickin’ a song. And I’m running that song in the GROUND. The whole world will beg, plead with me to stop playing the song. And I will turn my head over my shoulder, square my eyes and whisper: no.

I loves me a good coaster. I’m a wood gal myself, but I’ll take a steel rail in a pinch.

Doesn’t matter where, but I bet it’ll be somewhere south. I’m think FL, but I’ve never been to LA..

I did all the classes last summer and never took the final. So, hopefully I’ll do that and get a job somewhere to bankroll my Starbucks addiction.

Any boat; yacht, sailboat, canoe, paddleboat, gondola, pirate ship, cruise ship, Castaway-type raft with detachable Wilson holder, etc.

Men in Black III? Star Trek 2? The Dark Knight Rises? The Amazing Spider-man? The list of reboots and sequels is practically endless!

Who didn’t do this as a child? Who doesn’t want to do this again (armed with a lot of sunscreen and bugspray)?

Mmm. Refreshing.

I’ve been growing it out for a while. I need a bit of a change.

Most likely the National Zoo for financial reasons (I have that Starbucks addiction, ya know).

Of course, first I need a passport. Or do I? Being held in a foreign prison is a pretty rare opportunity…